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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially published on December 26th, the Ordinance number 1.001 /2017, which disposes on regarding the visitor visa issuance in exceptional situations, in accordance with article 29, paragraph 8, item I of Decree 9.199 / 2017.

It was established that a visitor visa may be granted for a period of up to 90 days, for a single entry, in the following situations;


a.            Health care;

b.            Adoption of a minor;

c.            To the minor of another nationality, adopted by a Brazilian citizen or immigrant residing in Brazil, making it possible to formalize an application for a residence permit in Brazil for the benefit of this minor;

d.            To the immigrant, over than 60 (sixty) years old or holder of special needs, who has residence conditions in Brazil for an indeterminate period, who holds a National Immigration Registry Card with expired validity;

e.            To the Brazilian, who is also a holder of another nationality, in his foreign passport;

f.             To the immigrant who comes to the country holding an extension protocol or a residence request protocol ;

g.            And other situations related to refuge, expressly regulated by a normative act of the National Committee for Refugees.


We highlight the item “F” once it is considered a breakthrough in the immigration process, based on the fact that lots of foreigners faced problems when trying to travel abroad with the RNE Card expired or while waiting for the analyzes of their initial processes. This Ordinance will guarantee a simple process to obtain the visitor visa, which will enable their return to Brazil with any issue.