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27 Dec 2017

It was established that a visitor visa may be granted for a period of up to 90 days, for a single entry, in the following situations;


a.            Health care;

b.            Adoption of a minor;


12 Dec 2017

In this notice we prioritize the news related to the Normative Resolutions, as they are provisions that have a bigger impact in the operations of our clients in Brazil. However, our specialists are available for additional...

12 Jun 2017

The new law represents a change to the guiding principles of previously adopted Brazilian Immigration Policy. It has a humanitarian approach and aims to reduce the bureaucracy and fight the criminalization of...

17 Dec 2012

As a response to the great delay on the devolution of travelling documents, caused by the dispute between the Brazilian National Post and DHL, the US Consulate in São Paulo published a note on the night of December 13th, announcing...