• Work Permits, Work, Business and Tourism Visas.
  • Brazilian IDs and permits for foreigners.
  • Specialized assistance and solutions for compliance with the local laws and immigration procedures.
  • Assistance in ports, airports and customs, (Policia Federal).

  • Specialized assistance to identify the worker’s tax obligations and jurisdiction according to their nationality and type of visa.
  • Monthly calculation of the amount of income tax to be paid and the issuance of the appropriate tax bill.
  • The completion of a declaration of Brazilian Assets abroad and the annual income tax.
  • Information and declaration of the foreigner final exit from Brazil.

  • Planning and Communication with those involved in the transfer to Brazil.
  • Reception and integration of the foreigners and their family in Brazil.
  • Housing and school searching.
  • Follow up and support during the process of moving into the new home.

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