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The US Consulate starts offering passports withdrawal in its dependencies

As a response to the great delay on the devolution of travelling documents, caused by the dispute between the Brazilian National Post and DHL, the US Consulate in São Paulo published a note on the night of December 13th, announcing measures to assuage the trouble caused. On last Monday (10), The Embassy and the Consulates in Brazil started enabling passport´s withdrawal in its dependencies for applicants who had interviews from this date on. In such cases, the applicants will receive authorization, after the interview, so that they or their representatives can collect the document in up to five business days. They also informed that the applicants that didn´t go through the interview at the Consulate or Embassy will only be able to receive their passport through DHL or by collecting it at a CASV.

On note, the US Consulate assured that, from this Friday on, they´ll create a new e-mail address especially for issues related to documents delivery, which shall have a personalized answer in up to one business day. The e-mail address is: entrega@usvisa-info.com.


For further information visit the site: http://portuguese.brazil.usembassy.gov/atrasosp.html